Ideas are easy implementation is hard

We know exactly what it takes to build a startup

Since 2013, we have been at the beginning of tens of successful projects that are used by millions of people around the globe every single day. Startups are our passion, we love to work with them and we have more than enough experience to share.

How do we help startups:

#1 Your business model consultation From the moment we entered the business, we have seen thousands of startup ideas, however, we chose to work with only 30% of the most promising ones. We want to work with clients with a longterm success potential.
#2 We understand the importance of marketing Every single project is built from the very beginning with a consideration of its marketing goals and our team of marketers is helping with that. We think through all components that sell and we are masters in the very specific field of mobile apps promotion.
#3 Achieving goals efficiently While the majority of developers wants to sell you maximum hours of development, we want to bring your product to life as soon as possible. We spend on the development only the amount of time needed for your project to start generating results.
#4 Connection with investors and experts We will give you advice on planning your expenses and when it is wise to look for investors. We will recommend you contacts from the field that might come in handy - advertisement, PR, marketing or legal support.
#5 Sharing know-how As we said above, we have built our company Meridyen and we have seen the birth of many promising startups. We are in daily contact with projects that grow, expand to the global market or bring groundbreaking innovations. But we have learned the most from our very own and pretty huge fuc-up.

What are the most common questions that we hear from startups?

1 I don't have a lot of money and no connections to strong investors. How can I change that?
2 Can the technological solution be developed gradually, step by step?
3 How to design IT architecture so that it is viable in the long term?
4 I need to present something to my investors. Can you create prototypes or help me with my business plan?
5 I am planning to expand, can you help me with that?
6 How can I improve a project that is not profitable and does not work from the business perspective?
7 I have an unfinished project, because my freelancer has disappeared. Can you take it over?
8 Can you have a look at my strategy? Does my startup have the potential to be successful?