JS Stack Development
Scalable, Robust, and High-Performance JS Development Services for Your Enterprise
The trend of (Java Script ) JS Stack Development services is gaining much attention these days. Every business needs the professionals who have extensive knowledge about full stack development from frontend to backend. We provide full-stack JS development services that range from online web applications to complex enterprise web solutions.

Meridyen is a full stack JS Development company based in Istanbul which is helping businesses, startups, and technology providers build modern application leveraging JavaScript frameworks for front-end and full stack development. Our team of professionals is highly expert in Mean JS, Node JS, React JS, Angular JS, Type Script JS , and other JS Development services.



Our JS Stack Development Services Include

JavaScript Web Development

We provide customized web services with JavaScript including single-page web apps, web portals, content management systems, and dynamic websites.



Front-End Frameworks

Our team of experienced developers is well-versed withthe latest front-end technologies like React JS, Angular JS, HTML5, and more.

Programming JS Applications

We offer scalable, responsive, and browser-agnostic JS applications that are capable of handling high-traffic in real time.


Continuous Support

We are available 24x7 to provide ongoing support to our clients even after deploying their JS applications.



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